Co Q10 Topical Serum

Description :
This powerful antioxidant serum is essential for healthy youthful skin as CoQ10 can provides the source of all cellular energy for building new cells and tissue for smooth skin. Benefits also included diminishes wrinkles, improves firmness, and reduces signs of aging, This serum have no any preservatives additive.
Active Ingredients :
CoQ10 Enzyme, Oleic Acid, Polyethylene Glycol 14

Adaptive Skin :
Suitable for all skin types

Application Guide :
Morning and evening after cleansing, apply 2~3 drops serum (use alone or with L-ascorbic acid together with moisturize products) on thoroughly cleansed and toned face. Smooth evenly until it is fully absorbed, to get the maximum result of anti-aging and wrinkles diminishing.