L-Ascorbic Acid Topical Serum (15% or 22% or 25%)

Description  : 
Formulated with U.S. patent ATDS (Amphiphilic Transepidermal Delivery System) as the vehicle, which allows for easy and highly effective penetration of high levels of pure L-ascorbic acid (not derivatives) into the skin. It contains no water, no alcohol and no preservation. This powerful antioxdiant serum can turn the treated skin firmer and smoother with improved texture, tone and overall radiance in a short time.

Active Ingredients  :  L-ascorbic acid 15% / 22% / 25%

Adaptive Skin  :  Suitable for all skin types

Application Guide : 
Dry your face and hand before application.
Morning and evening after cleansing, apply 2-3 drops directly on cleansed face and neck or alternatively with cream or gel.
Avoid direct contact with eye, and if it happens, wash with large amount of clean water and consult with doctor immediately.

Note :

  1. Some individuals experience a glowing heat or slightly tingling when using this product. This sensation is normal and will diminish with time.
  2. Stop using when there is open wound on skin.